The state of affairs regarding the confrontation between the Junior Minister of Natural Resource, Simona Broomes and a security official of a popular East Bank Demerara establishment, continues to generate debate, with many calling for the Minister to be sanctioned.

 The debacle has now escalated to the point where the Crime Chief, Paul Williams has reportedly called for private security officials to acquire “more training.”   But the Chief’s comments do not sit well with the Guyana Association of Private Security Organization (GAPSO).  The entity wants immediate clarification with regards to Williams’ comments; asking if the official’s statements are a reflection of the Guyana Police Forces (GPF)’s position on the matter, or his own.

In a missive to the Guyana Standard, GAPSO wrote: “It is unfortunate that a significant Law Enforcement Officer would state publicly, that after the Minister’s driver attempted to breach a secure area of a facility, without seeking permission, and the Minister herself throwing several signs on the ground, which constitutes to damage of property, the security personnel should apologize.”

 “The Guyana Association of Private Security Organizations is calling on the Commissioner of Police (Ag), David Ramnarine to explain to the public if the reckless comments made by Mr Williams represent the position of the Guyana Police Force. Secondly, while the incident is beyond comprehension, there are two things we need to ask: was the security’s conduct consistent with their Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)? And was the Code of Conduct breached by the Minister?”  

The association said that it is urging all security officers to not allow “agitators to seize this moment to advance their often self-serving beliefs of what is erroneous.”


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