In a continued effort to curb the issue of drivers not adhering to road limits on hinterland roads, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure will soon be installing vehicle scales along roadways in interior locations.

The minister further explained to the Department of Public Information (DPI) that this move will eventually see new police outposts established along the hinterland roads. “Where the current police stations are located, they are not geared not for stopping traffic on the road; they are placed for policing work in your communities.”Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson said, “I do foresee us addressing this issue in the near future. My ministry has some modern scales which I will like to put in place. But the challenge with that is that it’s the interior so I have to situate them near police stations. It will not be ideal to have technicians or persons stopping truck drivers who may not wish to stop, so it has to be by a police station.”

Minister Patterson disclosed that the relevant authorities have already been engaged and appealed to drivers to be extremely careful on hinterland roads.

Drivers are urged to adhere to rules and avoid travelling while overweight. Residents are also being called on to be vigilant and report overweight vehicles.

A sum of $1.5Billion was allocated in the 2018 Budget for road rehabilitation as well as the completion of all rollover projects. (Department of Public Information).


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