The Executive Board of Sterling Products Ltd. rewarded some of the children of its employees with generous bursaries earlier today.  This was done in an effort to lessen the parents’ back-to-school expenses.

At the brief presentation ceremony at the company’s headquarters, Human Resources Officer, Ms. Yvette Fiedtkou underscored Sterling Products’ firm commitment to the bursary award programme. She noted that this year’s bursary—a one-off disbursement of $65,000— was for employees’ children who will be starting their secondary education in September.

The seven students who got bursary awards were: Angela Persaud; Alika Shaw; Tarun; Saktua, Akeelah Persaud; Emika Thomas; Samir Ishmael; Romel Persaud and Daniele Shaw.

Ms. Fiedtkou explained that these seven students qualified for the bursary award by attaining at least 75 percent of the total marks obtainable at the 2018 Secondary Schools Entrance Examination (SSEE).

For more than 25 years, Sterling Products Ltd. has been contributing to the education of employees’ children through annual bursary awards. At the presentation ceremony, Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Products Ltd., Mr. Ramsay Ali remarked that the children are embarking on a new chapter in their education, one that is vastly different from primary school.

“We are happy that we can afford to do this and assist you a little bit as you get into a new area of your life…” Mr. Ali said. He also encouraged the parents to inform management from time to time, how the children are performing in school.


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