Whether it is unexpected floods or the El Nino Phenomenon that results in drier than normal conditions, Climate Change continues to have an effect on Guyana’s agriculture sector.

To better understand this as well as the solutions needed to address it, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN/FAO) has given Guyana $40Million to undertake baseline studies. These studies will be used to inform a full proposal to address Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Building in the Agriculture Sector.

Head of Office of Climate Change (OCC), Janelle Christian said at a workshop today that the Government is looking to advance actions that were committed under the National Determined Contributions (NDC) to the Paris Agreement.

Under the NDC, agriculture was identified as the main medium for adaptation to climate change challenges. “The other focus within our NDC is mitigation for Forest and energy, however this workshop today and continuing tomorrow, will be looking at addressing those particular challenges within the agriculture sector,” Christian explained.

The government, she said, has conducted groundwork in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, related agencies and other sub-sectors to address challenges in the sector.

According to the OCC head, “One case in point as it relates to our water resource challenges in Region Nine, is that not only the Ministry of Agriculture, NDIA (National Drainage and Irrigation Authority), but also the Ministry of Natural Resources have been working to address those particular challenges.”

The government, with resources from its multilateral partners, has commenced the improvement of drainage and irrigation infrastructure across the country.

Actions are also being undertaken at the community level, working with farming groups to ensure lands are accessible for agricultural purposes. This is being financed under the Caribbean Development Fund (CDF). There is support too from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).


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