President David Granger is awaiting recommendations of the Police Service Commission (PSC) so that he can appoint a substantive Commissioner of Police and four Deputy Commissioners of Police. He made this known at the swearing-in of the Commission yesterday morning at State House.

Following the recommendations, the President will then hold consultations with Chairman of the Commission, Paul Slowe and the Leader of the Opposition, “as soon as practical,” before making his decision, in accordance with Article 211 of the Constitution of Guyana.

Addressing the media after the ceremony, the President said Slowe has to first meet with the other commissioners to review the list of potential candidates. “I told him [Slowe] that I am ready at any time for such a consultation but I am prohibited from proceeding without a consultation,” he noted.

The President re-emphasized the need for the Police Commissioner to possess intelligence, integrity, and independence. The person of his choice must also be “unbribable” and impartial, President Granger said.

I want someone who is intelligent and committed to carrying out the programme of Security Sector Reform, who has the initiative and who can generate public trust,” he noted.

The president had interviewed eight Assistant Commissioners and understands the pool from which the Police Service Commission must select. He said recommendations of appointees from other jurisdictions were presented, however, the president is confident that Guyana has competent persons to fill the positions.

I intend to appoint a Guyanese…I think Guyanese need that, a Commissioner they can look up to and I expect that he will be supported by four deputy commissioners. We haven’t had four deputy commissioners for a long time and the hierarchy has been flat, everybody is of the same rank,” the president stated.



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