With the start of a new school term, the Department of Education in Region Eight has implemented a shift system for students of the Mahdia Primary School.

According to District Regional Education Officer, Lionel Jacobus, the school is currently undergoing major rehabilitative works.

 Jacobus said that the shift system will see primary school students attending classes at the Mahdia Secondary School from 08:00hrs to mid-day; while classes for the secondary students will be held from12:30hrs to 16:30hrs at the institution. Jacobus said this measure will ensure classes continue as the repairs continue.

He also explained that “there are certain areas such as the walls, roof, among other sections within the school that need to be completed to ensure there is a conducive learning environment for the students and staff.”

Further to this, Jacobus highlighted that the Mahdia Boys Dormitory is currently under rehabilitation. In the interim, the male students are housed in the dining hall building.

During the 2018 National Budget, the region was allocated $1. 8Billion. the monies approved covers current expenditure of $1,574,576billion and capital expenditure $226,265million, and will provide for intervention in regional administration and finance ($136,873m), public infrastructure ($288.092m), education delivery ($981.849m), health services ($370,676m) and agriculture ($23,351m).

The region is set to complete projects such as the completion of bridges at Mipaparu, Yawong, Kawa and Tuseneng; the rehabilitation of the Three Miles Bridge; the construction of a road from Kanawaruk to Morwa; the completion of the Kaibarupai Primary School; the construction of Itabac Primary School; the Mahdia District Hospital and the Mahdia Nurses’ Hostel among others. (Modified from the Department of Information)


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