Ongoing maintenance works on the Linden/Ituni/Kwakwani road have been welcomed by residents in the communities as it has already reduced travel time.

Member of Parliament (MP), Audwin Rutherford said that the average travel time on the road, prior to the maintenance works, was more than three hours. Now, it is under two hours. The upgrades began in late July.

“We have no need to complain. Trucks will no longer be left on the road due to wear and tear from poor road conditions. Commuters using private vehicles using the road are more encouraged, due to less travel time and less maintenance on their vehicles. We do not anticipate transportation prices to rise due to poor road conditions which happened in the past,” MP Rutherford explained.

The government MP pointed out that the contractor has done an excellent job on the road and also upgraded some internal roads which were not included in the agreement. This, he stressed, is value for money.

The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), through the Natural Resources Ministry, awarded the contract for repairs to the Linden/Ituni/Kwakwani road to International Imports and Supplies at a cost of $239.7M.

The Linden/Ituni/Kwakwani road will be maintained annually.


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