The sum of $27M is being spent on the expansion and renovation of the Indigenous Residence at Princess Street, Georgetown to ensure the persons housed at the location are in a comfortable environment when in the capital city to seek medical and other services.

The project is part of the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs 2018 Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP). The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Alfred King, on Wednesday, confirmed that the projects are on schedule and will be completed within a month.

The Permanent Secretary said that the projects are in keeping with the ministry’s effort to provide optimum services to the hinterland residents. King further explained that the initiative also addresses the need for office space as well as the residential space for persons seeking welfare support at the residence.

He said, “What we have found is that the hostel was designed to accommodate over 120 persons, on average. On a monthly basis, we have about 193 persons passing through the facility, so based on the growing demands for such welfare support at the hostel, and to make them a bit more comfortable, we sought to expand the facility.”

The expansion will facilitate rooms to accommodate an additional 60 persons. King added that once completed, the standard of the facility will be elevated to one that the ministry is proud off; in terms of ventilation, bed space, cupboards, dining facilities, and enhanced security.

The staff is also being trained to deliver quality services. King pointed out that, “A facility without adequate staffing, that will meet the needs and will facilitate and accommodate the residents while they are here, would not be quite what we expect. So, it’s facility plus service.”

Last year, the facility’s dining area was rehabilitated and painting and minor works were done to the maternity unit and rooms. Rehabilitation works were done on the Maternity Waiting Home to accommodate 13 ‘high risk’ pregnant mothers. The later costs some $800,000.

Additionally, a bus was handed over to the residence to transport persons who have travelled to the city to transact business. The kitchen will also be spruced up to accommodate additional storage facilities and cooking facility by the end of the year.


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