Finance Minister, Winston Jordan and Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson recently traveled to Kuwait to sign a multimillion-dollar loan agreement. But while there, the Ministers are trying to “kill two birds with one stone” as they are now appealing to the Government of Kuwait to grant Guyana a debt write-off to the tune of US$70M.

The Finance Minister told a delegation there, “We had borrowed around $10 million from Kuwait in the 1970s. It was during a time when we really needed help and Kuwait was very generous to reach out and give the money we needed. But now, the amount has grown to about $70 million because of interest. So we are also here for that.”

Jordan also lauded his country’s much-improved and long-standing relations with Kuwait. He even urged Kuwaiti businessmen to invest in Guyana’s growing economy and met the Deputy Chairman of Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mohammad Al-Saqer in this regard.

He also sought to woo affluent businessmen there, by inviting them to explore the opportunities of Guyana’s burgeoning oil and gas industry.


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