President David Granger believes that China’s Belt and Road Initiative will turn out to be an asset to Guyana’s developmental programme.

He made this known on Saturday during a visit by China’s State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Wang Yi who was accompanied by China’s Ambassador to Guyana, Mr. Cui Jianchun, and other Chinese dignitaries.

During the meeting, Granger said that “Guyana is on board” with the Belt and Road Initiative.

“We feel it could contribute not only to Guyana’s development or its own hinterland but also to the penetration of the continent for commercial and other purposes by other countries. This means that the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative will be an asset for international development, not just for the local economy,” stated President Granger.

Through the initiative, Granger believes that Guyana will benefit significantly in the areas of infrastructure development, trade and investment as well as other critical areas of mutual interest.

He said that the pact will foster enhanced cooperation between the two countries in five critical areas, namely: policy coordination, facilities connectivity, trade and investment, financial integration, and people-to-people interaction.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wang promised Granger that the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative will be developed in an environmentally friendly manner. “China believes in green, environmentally friendly and sustainable development…we believe there is tremendous untapped potential for our cooperation in pursuing the green aspects of development,” Mr. Wang added.

President Granger described the visit by Mr. Wang as “historic” while noting that it demonstrates the close friendship which exists between the two states. This friendship, the President said, serves to strengthen relations to come between Guyana and China.

It was only last month that President Granger told the local media corps that he is not concerned about how the Belt and Road Initiative did not work out for other countries while noting that the situation with Guyana will be quite different. The President said that Guyana will be entering agreements in this regard with its eyes wide open.

But since then, the Head of State has not confronted China about the safeguards that will have to be in place to protect Guyana’s interest or even shared with the nation, his plan of action to ensure the project does not land Guyana in a debt trap.


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