A $3.2Billion (US $15.6Million) contract was awarded for the construction and supply of a passenger and cargo ocean ferry vessel and associated equipment that will ply the North West routed from Parika-Mabaruma.

This was disclosed today by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon at a post-cabinet briefing at the Ministry of the Presidency.

“We will be receiving funding from India for the construction of the ferry. That process is a lengthy one because it has to go through our public service plus the Indian public service, so it takes time from the actual conceptualization of a project to fund it. It would have gone through several phases and now a company has been identified to construct the ferry,” Minister Harmon explained.

The North West district is currently served by the Transport and Harbours Department’s refurbished M.V. Barima along with the Lady Northcote.

To improve the facilities and quality of services offered to the travelling public on the waterways, a sum of $500Million has been allocated in 2018, for the docking of M.V. Makouria, M.V. Kanawan and M.V. Sabanto in 2018.


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