A 41-year-old man is suspected to have committed suicide just days after investigators expressed interest in questioning him. He had appeared in video hitting and threatening a teenager during sexual intercourse. The video which was subsequently released on to social media went viral.

In the video, another man was seen recording the assault. It is alleged that both men had sex with the young victim.

The deceased has been identified as 41-year-old Sherwin Apple, a clothes vendor of William Street, Kitty and Silver Town, Linden.

Apple’s body was discovered around 09:20 hrs this morning at the Kitty Sea Wall in the vicinity of Selena Resort. No marks of violence were seen on the exposed parts of the body, leading investigators to conclude that he might have committed suicide

Blood was seen running from the nostril and his entire body was covered in slush. It is suspected that Apple committed suicide sometime between last night and early this morning.

The police said that the deceased was among two persons being sought in relation to a matter that is currently under investigation.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that a video with the 41-year-old man and another young man performing sex acts on a teen was leaked last week. A report was later made by the female and ranks from Linden went in search of the two males.

According to a police source who has seen the video, the teen seemed to agree to take part in the threesome in the beginning of the recording but later in the footage, she started to push the deceased away, telling him that she can no longer “take it.”

At one point in the video, the young lady managed to push off the deceased and ran to the door but Apple grabbed and threw her back on the bed. He was heard threatening to punch her if she continued to resist.

The source said that the deceased hit her a few times on her legs when she tried to cross it, preventing him from having sexual intercourse with her.

While both men had sex with the teen, it was the younger man who videoed most of the sexual encounter with Apple and the young woman.


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