The Special Investigative Committee of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) recently conducted a series of preliminary hearings with broadcasters who were found to be in breach of the Broadcasting Act of 2011 and the Authority’s published Guidelines for Broadcasters.

In a missive to the media, the Committee said that it conducted hearings with six errant broadcasters regarding a breach of good taste and decency, through the broadcast of obscene language in songs and audiovisual content, during Prime Time hours.

In its statement, the Committee said, “Notably, those hearings were executed in keeping with the Authority’s Complaints Procedure. Following those preliminary hearings, two of the six broadcasters were referred to the governing Board for formal hearings, with appropriate sanctions, in the circumstances.”

“The Authority stands vigorously against fundamental breaches of the Broadcasting legislation, in an effort to ensure  the National Airwaves are reflective of local and international best practices in broadcasting, with due sensitivity to those vulnerable groups in our society and more so, adherence to our legal and social obligations.”

The Committee also sought to remind that GNBA has the power to suspend or cancel broadcast licences, as it deems appropriate, following the necessary inquiries.

Further to this, GNBA noted that the Broadcasting Act (Section 30) provides recourse for broadcasters who may not be pleased with a decision taken by the Authority.

Section 30 says, “A person aggrieved by a decision of the Authority, made under Section 28 and 29, may appeal in the same manner as if it were an order of a Magistrate, except that the appeal shall be made to the full Court of the High Court”.


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