Having been named Miss World Guyana in May, Ambika Ramjai has ever since been putting in the work to represent Guyana on the international stage. The Miss World Pageant is set for Sanya, China and will see Ramraj engaged
in activities that will span a month which will culminate with the final competition on December 8, 2018.

Ramraj recently concluded her “Healthy, Wholly” Beauty with a Purpose project. The “Healthy, Wholly” project aims to increase the learning capabilities of youths by tackling any mental health issues they may be experiencing due to some form of childhood trauma and/or bereavement via the use of sports and physical activities. Ramraj is certainly no stranger raising awareness in this regard and has vowed to continue to do so to ensure the continuous development of good coping and life skills by those affected.

She believes that by being the crowned Miss World Guyana, she is in a better position to advance such a humanitarian venture. Ramraj envisages being able to amplify the positive effects of sports on mental health, particularly among the youth population whereby it could help to reduce harmful effects of childhood trauma. As a national athlete Ramraj understands the positive effects sports and outdoor activities play in improving one’s mental health and wellbeing.

Currently this beauty is working with the Guyana Golden Lives Organization founded by the recently awarded Queens Young Leadership Award winner, Marva Langevine. The Guyana Golden Lives Organization seeks to transform the lives of bereaved, sick and underprivileged children and families in Guyana through various mentoring and advancement workshops. As a 2018 Queen’s Young Leader, Langevine received bespoke training through the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Continuing Education on leadership, mentoring and various other skills
to ensure she is best suited to handle the pressing issues that are the root causes to childhood trauma, bereavement and poverty.

The duo are set to collaborate on a range of sports related activities and camps that will aid in helping children suffering from various forms of trauma so as to ensure that they too have a
bright and successful future.

Before leaving for the Miss World competition Ramraj will engage in three planned fundraising
events in October and November 2018 that will aid in the continuity and sustainability of her
‘Healthy, Wholly’ project.

The first fundraiser event, ‘Runway to Sanya’, will take the form of a dinner and fashion show
and will be held on Saturday (October 6) at Parc Rayne, East Bank Demerara at 19:00 hours.
Tickets for this fundraising event are pegged at $5,000 and are available at all Shoe Heaven
locations, Sassy Styles on Robb and King Street and Amavani on Alexander Street, Kitty.

The second event will be held on October 20 at 19:30 hours at the Classic Banqueting Suite,
Upper Tooting, London and will be an evening of elegance, glamour and class with a three-
course meal provided by Caribbean Fusion. Information about this event can be had by
contacting Tenesia (07732207311), Yvette (07947796033) and The Classic Banqueting Suite
directly (0208 767 8372).

Meanwhile, the third and final event which is still being planned will be held in New York as a
bon voyage meet and greet cocktail on or around November 2nd 2018.


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