Today the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) commenced training for approximately 139 potential Customhouse Brokers. The six-week training programme will encompass doctrines on various aspects of customs and trade. Among them, classification, rules of origin, warehousing, Excise Tax, prohibition and restriction, importation and exportation of toxic chemicals, labelling and standards.

Regulations and policies of the Food and Drugs Government Analyst Department, CARICOM and International trade agreements including the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) are the other integral aspects of the programme.

The potential Customhouse Brokers will also be engaged on the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) in particular, how to prepare the electronic Single Administrative Document (eSAD). ASYCUDA is an internet based solution which facilitates paperless transactions.

The 2018 curriculum will also include an Introduction to Oil and Gas. Facilitators will be drawn from within the GRA’s Oil and Gas Unit and an external counterpart. The programme will conclude on November 9 with an assessment to determine aptitude.

Training is a mandatory part of becoming licenced to act on behalf of individual and corporate taxpayers. Customs Regulation 202, subject to Regulation 203 provides that, a Customshouse Broker must be licenced by the Commissioner-General of GRA, in order to conduct brokerage activities with the Customs Excise and Trade Operations.

The training session is being held at the Guyana Police Force Training Centre, Eve Leary. Representatives from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, the Government Analyst Food and Drug Department and the Pesticide and Toxic Chemicals Board will be among the visiting facilitators.


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