A 70-year-old woman was shot and robbed of an undisclosed sum of cash after leaving a city bank early today.

The incident happened sometime after 13:15 hrs on Laluni Street, Queenstown. The victim has been identified as Selma Nicholas. She was shot to the right arm and is presently hospitalized at a private hospital.

According to information received, the victim and her husband went to a city bank where she withdrew a sum of cash.

The police said that upon leaving the bank, the woman and her spouse, who was driving, made several stops in Georgetown. It was at their last stop that the two came under attack by two men on a motorcycle.

The Guyana Standard was informed that the couple went to Queenstown to purchase drinking water when the men rode to the vehicle and the pillion rider attempted to grabbed the elderly woman’s bag.

The victim reportedly held onto her bag, resulting in the suspect reaching for his weapon and discharging a round at her before escaping from the scene.

The police are now looking for the two suspects as the investigation continues.


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