There has been a nine percent overall decrease in serious crimes as at the end of last month. At least this is according to information released by the Guyana Police Force.

The Force, in detailing the crime situation recorded so far for this year, revealed that as at the end of September, there has been a 17 percent decrease in murder when compared to last year. This represents 72 murders; 30 were categorised as disorderly, 20 as domestic, 13 as robbery, one as execution and eight under unknown circumstances.

It has been reported too that there was a 22 percent increase in robberies where no instruments were used by the perpetrators; a three percent decrease in robbery under arms where firearms were used; a 20 percent decrease in robbery under arms where instruments other than firearms were used; a four percent increase in robbery with violence; a 36 percent decrease  in robbery with aggravation; a 13 percent decrease in larceny from the person; a two
percent decrease in rape; a nine percent decrease in burglary and an 11 percent decrease in break and enter and larceny.

Meanwhile, the Force has reported that 97 illegal firearms have been taken off the streets thus far with A Division recording the highest number of seizures – 43. F Division followed with 17 seizures, B Division with 14, C Division with 10, D Division with seven, E Division with four and G Division with two.

This seizure campaign has translated to the Force commandeering 54 pistols, 22 revolvers, 15 shotguns, one sub-machine gun and five rifles.


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