The Guyana Police Force is currently undergoing a reform process with a primary focus on human resource, training and infrastructure. This is according to Commissioner of Police, Leslie James.

To help advance the goals of the Force, he said that very soon the Force will see the reestablishment of the Training Board which will facilitate and oversee training both locally and overseas for Senior Officers.

The Commissioner’s disclosure was made yesterday when he visited and inspected ranks at the Leonora Police Station, the Divisional Headquarters for D Division.

As he addressed the ranks gathered the Commissioner urged them to “Perform your duties with diligence.”

Commissioner James, who was accompanied by his four Deputies, pointed that this was not by accident since the intent was to demonstrate the importance of team work and discipline. A thorough inspection of the ranks on parade was done and outstanding ranks were identified as the Commissioner remarked “well done”. One rank, Police Constable 23932 Seon Williams, who was most outstanding, was promoted on the spot to the rank of Lance Corporal while others were encouraged to strive for better in their deportment as well as in the execution of their duties.

As he made reference to the newly promoted rank, Commissioner James said, he was always determined to go beyond the call of duty. He, moreover, encouraged all D Division ranks to strive to excel adding, “Any hurdle you encounter, you should approach and surmount it; no hurdle is insurmountable.”

He, however, added, “you have to first examine where you are and work towards your goals rigorously and vigorously.”

During yesterday’s visit too, the Commissioner encouraged D Division Commander, Edmond Cooper, to focus on Standing Order number 12 which speaks to “Appearance and Conduct”. As he stressed the importance of Standing Orders, he noted that sanctions must be applied when breaches occur. “We cannot move away from the Standing Orders,” said the Commissioner as he cautioned all present that to move away from the guidance of the Standing
Order would result in chaos. It is the Commissioner’s conviction that “Subordinate Officers should have no questions about discipline and the maintenance of discipline.”


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