Investigators in Berbice have arrested a man who they believed tried to raze the home of an Alliance for Change (AFC)’s candidate, Rashree Permaul around 21:45 hrs last night at Bloomfield Village.

The Guyana Standard was told that a portion of the house was doused in what is suspected to be kerosene and a box was placed close to the soaked wall. The arsonist used paper to start a fire in the box.

According to information received, Permaul, who is the party’s Local Government Election (LGE)’s candidate, was alerted to flames emanating at the side of her house. Upon checking, she discovered a part of her wall was already engulfed.

The fire was quickly put out and no major damage was reported. The AFC candidate lives at the property with her two children and her bedridden father.

The AFC in a statement said that it is horrified by the report that an arson attempt was made on the home of one of its LGE candidates. The party says that the act is consistent with the old political tactics of fear which is resorted to by certain political entities.

The party called on the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Fire Service to conduct a thorough investigation so that the arsonist(s) is arrested as quickly as possible.

The LGE is scheduled for November 12.


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