While the National Assembly recently approved millions of dollars in pay increases for the nation’s security guards and sweeper cleaners, Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo holds the view that the main beneficiaries will not be the workers, “but other forces.”

He made this clear on Thursday during an engagement with members of the press at his Church Street Office.

There, the former Head of State said, “It is our view that the security guards and cleaners will not benefit from the recent salary increase. You may ask what our beef with this is but it is simple, we don’t think the money will reach the pockets of the security guards. We have good reason to believe this is so.”

Jagdeo added, “We have started a probe into the principals of the security companies tasked with ensuring these services are met for the nation and we ask the media to do the same. We have information which shows that some government officials have beneficial ownership in some of these firms so we know the hog of the money would be going elsewhere.”

It was on Thursday that the National Assembly approved over $233M for increased salaries for security guards and sweeper cleaners in Region Four.

The sum of $156M will go towards the increase in security charges from $300 per hour to $377 per hour plus 14 percent VAT to secure 134 buildings within Region Four for the period October to December 2018.

Meanwhile, more than $77M was approved for the increase in salaries for sweeper cleaners and caregivers of the May 25 Day Care Centre and payments of salaries for the caregivers of the newly opened Ann’s Grove Early Childhood Centre.

Additionally, the government sought extra funds to provide beefed-up security for public buildings in several administrative regions. These buildings include regional health facilities and schools, to guard against vandalism.


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