The police have arrested a 79-year-old resident at the Palms Geriatric Home after he attempted to shoot a male nurse attached to the facility.

The incident happened around 20:15 hrs on Thursday. The suspect is an ex-prison officer.

According to information received, the suspect was in his ward when the male nurse went in during a routine check to assist him and other patients with their medication and any other item(s) they would need before they went to bed for the night.

It was there that the nurse and the senior citizen became involved in an argument. It is unclear what led to the confrontation between the duo.

The Guyana Standard was told that the nurse walked away and went to another ward—leaving the elderly man cursing.

Not willing to let the matter slide, the police said that the suspect went into his bag, got his weapon and went after the nurse.

“He pointed the gun at the nurse and because he is old, he is shaky and slow so before he could have fired the gun, the nurse wrestled him to the ground and take away the gun,” a police source indicated.

The ex-prison officer was then handed over to the police and he is expected to be charged on Monday.

Why the 79-year-old man was allowed to keep his weapon at the home for senior citizen is a mystery since residents are not allowed to hold onto any object that might cause harm to themselves or any other person.


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