Diamond Strip Club owner, Freeman Fordyce is yet to be charged despite punching a cop to the neck, confiscating foreign nationals’ travel documents and threatening to kill them and their families in neighbouring Venezuela.

The attack on the policeman occurred two Saturdays ago.

The businessman’s antics were caught on surveillance footage. Fordyce attacked the cop, Detective Inspector Prem Narine when the rank attempted to search him during a raid at his club.

In the footage, Fordyce was seen rushing up to the policeman and punching him to the neck, forcing the cop to pull out his firearm.

Sources confirmed that the rank is now being investigated for drawing his gun on the businessman although the video footage showed him (policeman) being attacked by the businessman.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that the businessman is known to have illegal firearm on his person—and this might have also caused the rank to draw his weapon—after witnessing Fordyce’s violent behavior.

According to information received, the rank along with other policemen went to search the club after four Venezuelan women complained that the businessman seized their passports and threatened to kill them and their families if they refuse to work at the club as prostitutes. Despite this allegation, the businessman was still released from police custody without bail. Four women, who had escaped from the club a few days before, have since given statements against the businessman.

It was their statements that led to the raid.

In the past, Fordyce was charged for being in possession of an illegal firearm, trafficking foreign nationals and kidnapping a woman.

In March 2015, Fordyce was among two men charged with abducting and unlawfully detaining Rhonda Ward.

The charge stated that between August 27 and August 31, 2014, Ward was standing on Croal Street, Georgetown when the businessman pulled up in front of her and pushed her in the vehicle. He then took her to a house in Alberttown, Georgetown where he and another man kept her for some time. And, in June 2015, he was again charged for the alleged kidnapping and attempting to murder Devon Chung on June 26, 2015 at D’Urban Street and Vlissengen Road. The businessman was never convicted.



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