‘A’ Division Commander, Marlon Chapman confirmed a few minutes ago that Diamond Strip Club Owner, Freeman Fordyce, will be charged tomorrow morning for assaulting Police Inspector, Prem Narine.

The decision to charge the businessman comes almost three weeks after the Guyana Police Force (GPF)’s Legal Advisor, Justice Claudette Singh, recommended that Fordyce be charged with assault, disorderly behavior, and riotous behavior.

The inspector was assaulted on November 10, last, and by November 22, last, the file was returned to the office of the Crime Chief, Lyndon Alves. The reason for the businessman not being charged earlier is unclear.

A police source confirmed that when this news agency broke a story on December 6, last, with the Crime Chief claiming that the file had been sent for advice—despite it (file) being returned long before with recommendation for charges—senior officials got involved.

As such, the file was sent to the Brickdam Police Station for action to be taken.

On November 10, last, the Inspector along with other policemen went to search the club after four Venezuelan women complained that the businessman seized their passports and threatened to kill them and their families if they refused to work at the club as prostitutes.

This revelation came to light when two of the entertainers escaped from the club. It was their statements that led ranks to carry out the raid. During the search, however, Fordyce punched the Inspector to the neck. The officer subsequently pulled out his gun to keep the attacker at bay.

The entire ordeal was recorded on a surveillance camera.

In the past, Fordyce was charged for being in possession of an illegal firearm, trafficking foreign nationals and kidnapping a woman.

In March 2015, Fordyce was among two men charged with abducting and unlawfully detaining Rhonda Ward.

The charge stated that between August 27 and August 31, 2014, Ward was standing on Croal Street, Georgetown when the businessman pulled up in front of her and pushed her in the vehicle.

He then took her to a house in Alberttown, Georgetown where he and another man kept her for some time. And, in June 2015, he was again charged for the alleged kidnapping and attempting to murder Devon Chung on June 26, 2015, at D’Urban Street and Vlissengen Road.

The businessman was never convicted.


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