The inking of a cooperative agreement between the German airline, Condor (Thomas Cook Group), and LIAT Airlines will now allow for travellers from Europe to now enjoy an easier and more comfortable connection to Guyana. In fact it is being touted that passengers will be able to benefit from cheaper flights year-round.

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), which is lauding this new development, has noted that this collaboration will allow for travelling to Guyana from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to be much faster.  

The Interline Agreement will allow passengers to use coordinated flight connections and checked-through luggage which will complement the cheaper year-round tickets. The proposed connections will run through Antigua, making it a smoother connection to Georgetown, Guyana without passengers losing much travel time waiting for connecting flights.

In fact, passengers flying into the Caribbean can continue their journey to Guyana the same day, GTA has noted.  With this arrangement in place, passengers will no longer be required to overnight in a connecting country and this will also drastically reduce their cost of travel. “We are extremely excited about this new route. Increased air connectivity to Guyana will allow more travellers to access the country and its rich natural and cultural heritage and adventurous experiences. This is a substantial step in connecting our European travellers, which is one of our key core markets, to Guyana,” said GTA Mr. Brian Mullis.

GTA is a semi-autonomous governmental organisation responsible for developing and promoting sustainable tourism in Guyana. This is realised through its collaboration with sister agencies and the tourism private sector in order to maximise local socio-economic and conservation outcomes as well as to improve the visitors’ experience.

The GTA is, moreover, focused on Guyana becoming recognised locally and internationally as a premier destination for protecting its natural and cultural heritage, providing authentic experiences, and maximizing local economic benefits.


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