Even though former Member of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Charrandass Persaud, opted to throw his support behind the Opposition’s No-Confidence Motion, it has not affected relations between the AFC and the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

This firm declaration was made yesterday by AFC Executive Member and Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson.

Speaking to members of the media fraternity, Patterson said, “It had no effect on our relationship. It actually confirmed our resolve that if you don’t speak as often on these sensitive matters, you can be where you are at. We had full and frank discussions on this matter. And intelligence was shared between us…We made a collective decision on how to operate and that is where we are…”

He also said that there would be no moves to ascertain whether the AFC may have another Charrandass in its midst.

The Minister said, “Listen, there will always be a Charrandass amongst us. If you look at the last Parliament, there were certain people who were with the APNU but they are now with the PPP…So you can’t stop political ambitions. You will always have persons crossing the floor and that is their democratic right.

I don’t have a problem with persons exercising that right but if you are going to do so, then you must be absolutely honest about why you are doing it… Don’t makeup or manufacture reasons as to why you are doing it so as to make it look as though you are doing something heroic…”

The AFC Executive Member said that overall, Charrandass’ move really left him in a state of shock. He said that any issue, be it about roads, lights or bridges that were brought to him by Charrandass were always dealt with.

Patterson said, “Being in Region Six, he always told me what was needed in terms of roads, lights, and bridges or whatever and we sought to cater to those. But never did he raise other concerns about the party with me. Look back at his speeches in the House and you will see he was a different person. On December 6, last, this very man insisted on representing me when the Berbice Bridge sued me…But you know, to each his own…”


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