Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo has proclaimed that all spending executed by the APNU+AFC Government before elections will be up for review once a new government is in power.

As a result, he is urging public servants to remain incorruptible and to not bend to the wills of ministers who have “gone into overdrive”.

Jagdeo made this and other statements during a press conference held today.

According to the Opposition Leader, the country is now in “unconstitutional territory” and the Government and public servants will therefore be under scrutiny upon the entry of a new administration.

Jagdeo further said that since the government is operating in breach of the constitution due to its non-resignation, there will be a review of what is done in the 90 days leading up to elections.

“I want to say to the public servants, do not use government money for party paraphernalia and do not take shortcuts. The public servants and PS will be held responsible,” he stressed.

Jagdeo accused the government of deliberately expending funds by travelling to hinterland communities to carry out party work.

“They’ve gone into overdrive only now because they are on the back foot,” he added.

Meanwhile, Jagdeo told media operatives that he has been “doing quite a bit of work internationally”. He shared that he is continuing the process of contacting international organisations and that all of these bodies have expressed support for an expeditious hearing of the no confidence motion before the courts.

He emphasised that there will be very real consequences if the government refuses to resign before March 19, 2019.

“We will be entering new territory and this will be unsettling for Guyana and anyone who wants to do business in Guyana. At that stage I expect there will be much more international involvement in Guyana if we go there.” Jagdeo said too that the army may have to spring into action since it is sworn to uphold the constitution and the Defence Act.

He stressed that the opposition is doing everything in its power to ensure a smooth procession towards elections, including reaching out to the government for talks. “But we’ve only met with them 18 days later and they spun the truth,” he said. He further said that the opposition wanted to speak on a post-elections arrangement to ensure the comfort of the Guyanese people. However, the government’s behaviour shows that they have no such interests, Jagdeo said.

“When the history of this country is written, we want it to be reflected how the PPP behaved during this period.”


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