Hours after being elected as the presidential candidate of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Irfaan Ali has issued a statement. The embattled former Minister of Housing emerged victorious with more than twice the amount of votes than his only competitor.

Out of the 35-Member Central Committee, Ali received 24 votes and Nandlall 11.  Ali’s victory means that he will be the presidential candidate at the next General and Regional Elections, which could be held as soon as March of this year.

His post-victory statement follows:


I am humbled to have been selected by my Party as the presidential candidate. I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to the leadership of the Party for reposing in me their confidence. I also thank the thousands, in and out of the Party, who have publicly and privately encouraged me to seek the Party’s nomination.   I see myself as part of a broader team that will advance an agenda, which has as its primary focus, the people of our country.

The assurance of my comrades, who also contested for the candidacy, to working as a team is evidence  of  a  collective  commitment  to  a  united  People’s  Progressive  Party (PPP).  I commit, fully, to the programme of the Party, as it relates to delivering greater prosperity and progress for all our people, regardless of race, religion or gender, as well as to ensure the advancement of our nation.

I am glad that the campaign is over.  I  hope  that  the  rumor-mongering,  which  was  clearly intended to spread division in our ranks and to disparage me and the other candidates, will now stop.

Over the last 20 years, I have served my Party at regional and national levels.  My work with the Progressive Youth Organization (PYO), since 1992, has  given me  a unique perspective of the challenges  facing  our  youths  and  the  opportunities  that  exist  to  enable  them  to  actively participate in the governance of our country and being part of the solution. My Party’s decision to select me, as a young person, is testimony to our commitment to not only talk the talk about youth leaders, but actively facilitate this.    I have been elected to the leadership of the Party for almost 15 years and served in various capacities, including as Finance Secretary.  My grounding in the PPP has imbued me with a deep sense of commitment to the struggles of all our people, especially the vulnerable, and inspired a personal commitment to the people of Guyana.

My experience in government has allowed me the opportunity to design and develop strategies and  policies,  consistent  with  the  PPP’s  manifesto,  to  overcome  hurdles  in  key  sectors.  My experience at the technical level, at the State Planning Secretariat and as Head of the Caribbean Development   Bank   Project   Implementation   Unit   (PIU),   allowed   me   the   opportunity   of overseeing  the  design,  management  and  implementation  of  various  projects  and  programmes across Guyana. With seven  years of Cabinet experience I was tasked with the management of large-scale projects, which resulted in the delivery of key goods and services to the Guyanese people.

I  believe  that  the  experience  I  have  acquired,  both  in  government  and  as  the  Finance  sector spokesperson  for the  Parliamentary Opposition,  has  positioned  me  to  tackle  some  of  the  most severe challenges facing our people and country – the increasing levels of joblessness, increasing debt, deteriorating investor confidence, poor performance of the economy, poor implementation of the PSIP, incompetence in government, the diminishing of welfare programmes that benefited vulnerable groups, ill-informed decisions and taxation policies that has affected key sectors.

I  look  forward,  with  great  anticipation  and  with  the  support  of  my  comrades  to  confront  the many  challenges  that  lie  ahead  to  ensure  that  the  People’s  Progressive  Party  is  returned  to government  so  that  we  can  resume  the  development  agenda  that  will  place  our  people  and country back on the path of prosperity.

January 19, 2019



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