A 61 year old man who is accused of breaking into a home and placing his penis in the mouth of a 13 year old girl with a disability was today remanded to prison for the offence.

Octavious Williams appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, who read the charge to him.

It is alleged that, on January 31, 2019, he broke into the home while the child’s parents were away and engaged in sexual activity with the girl, who is under the age of 16. Besides placing his penis in the girl’s mouth, he is also accused of rubbing his genitalia against her private parts.

He denied the allegation after it was put to him by the Magistrate.

Facts presented by the court prosecutor stated that, on January 31, 2019, the child, who is living with a disability, was home alone when she heard a noise in the living room of her home.

The child then exited her room and the defendant pulled her and placed her into the bedroom, where he put his penis in her mouth and rubbed it against her vagina.

The child’s father, moments after, walked in and caught the man pulling up his pants. The father subsequently went and reported the matter to the police.

The Prosecutor made serious objections to bail being granted to Williams on the grounds that he was charged in 2016 for a similar offence and because of the fact that he was caught in the act.

Magistrate McLennan remanded Willams to prison. He will make his next court appearance on February 6, 2019.


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