There has been a new and strange development in the probe involving the shooting of School of the Nations’ owner, Dr. Brian O’Toole, with investigators now turning their attention to the popular video game, “Fortnite.”

O’Toole was shot twice to the arm on the night of January 27, last, at his Bel Air Promenade, Georgetown home.

Investigations have thus far questioned a number of persons, including a former student, who was expelled from the school for threatening to “shoot up” at the institute but now there has been an interesting development in the case.

According to information received, sometime late last week, Dr. O’Toole was showed a clip from the game “Fortnite” where an animated character was gunned down. The educator was informed that his shooting is linked to the game.

It was not hard for Dr. O’Toole to believe there was a connection between the game and his shooting and he did not have a hard time convincing investigators since he reported in his statement that his shooter was behaving strange.

“He (O’Toole) said that the person who shot him was behaving very strange. He said that the individual did some ‘jumping thing’ before and after he (suspect) shot him and that exact scene is in the game,” a police source said.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that the game was being played by a number of students at the school and Dr. O’Toole was reportedly identified as a target. Investigators will be returning to the school this week.

Additionally, there have been claims on social media that the shooter is linked to government ministers but a police source said that this is not the case. However, the son of a senior official in the court system has been questioned in relations to threats made against the school.

An investigation is ongoing.


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