Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Vincent Alexander, confirmed this evening that the entity was told by President, David Granger via a letter, to go about preparations for elections. But Alexander was quick to point out that no date for the holding of General and Regional Elections was referenced by the Head of State.

The GECOM Commissioner said, “He (President Granger) made a statement which says that GECOM should go about its preparations for elections. But there is no date or anything like that attached to that. He also said that they will do their best to speak with the opposition and to approach the National Assembly for the required funding.”

Further to this, Alexander said it is a foregone conclusion that the deadline of March 19 cannot be met. He said that GECOM informed the President of this and it was acknowledged. The GECOM Commissioner stressed that the entity still has to work out when elections can be held.

A few weeks ago, Alexander confirmed with this news site that GECOM is moving forward with its 2019 work programme which includes house-to-house registration. This process takes about nine months to complete which would push the holding of elections to 2020.


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