The Diamond Branch of Demerara Bank Limited is celebrating eight years of successful business and to mark this occasion, the Bank will be engaged in a series of activities to express appreciation to its customers and employees for their unwavering commitment and support over the years.

The Bank also announced that it will be extending its VISA Debit Promotion to the Diamond Branch and that customers establishing a Statement Savings Account during the month of March will receive their VISA Debit Card absolutely free. Terms and conditions apply.

The dynamic vision of Dr Yesu Persaud, Founder and Chairman of Demerara Bank Ltd. has led the Bank to become a household name for commercial banking in Guyana and a pioneering financial success story for its investors and the country.

Officials noted that the Diamond Branch was established at an opportune time as many communities along the East Bank Demerara were rapidly being developed and there was high demand for banking services, particularly credit facilities to assist with the construction of low income and residential homes.

Since its establishment in 2011, the customer base of the Diamond Branch has grown extensively and can only be seen as a reflection of the Bank’s ability to deliver quality banking services.

“We know that the success of the Bank is inextricably linked to the success of our customers and therefore we respond to their needs with great agility,” the official said.

Demerara Bank Ltd. prides itself in supporting the development of various sectors by extending a wide range of credit facilities, personalised banking services and value added products.

The company also continues to be the leading source of financing for renewable energy in Guyana and encourages both energy efficiency and energy conservation to ensure energy sustainability for the future. To date, the Bank has significantly reduced its carbon footprint by operating the majority of its locations on renewable energy.

For what it has described as incredible support and loyalty over the years, the Chairman, Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Demerara Bank Ltd. have expressed their appreciation to the customers of the Diamond Branch.


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