Owners of security services are not authorised to operate ‘emergency vehicles’, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has announced. 

Today, the Force, through its Traffic Department, issued an advisory directed at owners of Security Services and other persons, informing the public of the vehicles under the Road Traffic (Guyana Fire Service) Order made under Section 49 which are “emergency vehicles”. Security vehicles, according to the Force, do not conform to these but police vehicles are so approved. 

Based on information released by the Force, “Approved Police Vehicle means any vehicle carrying a lamp showing to the front an amber light and sounding continually a bell, gong, or siren.

Also placed under the category of approved ‘emergency vehicles’ are those utilised by the Guyana Fire Service. According to the Force, “Vehicle of the Fire Service means any engine, pump, trailer, or other vehicles of the Guyana Fire Service and includes any vehicle carrying a lamp showing an amber light and sounding continually a bell, gong or siren, in which any member of the Guyana Fire Service is being conveyed to any fire or suspected fire.

In this regard, the Traffic Department of the Force is urging all owners of Security Services and other persons who are guilty of having such equipment attached to their vehicles, to have them removed or face the consequences of being prosecuted.


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