Head of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (GCCI) Petroleum Committee, Charles Ramson Jnr., is concerned about the fact that the government has refused to grant the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the additional funding it needs to beef up operations to efficiently regulate the oil sector.

The Oil and Gas Consultant registered these and other concerns at a press conference held today by GCCI at its Waterloo Street Office.

Responding to questions about the nation’s preparedness for the sector, Ramson said that the livelihoods of many Guyanese require that the environment be preserved. In this regard, he noted that the role of EPA will be crucial. Ramson said that in the interim, the EPA is looking to increase its fees as a means of securing more funds for the tasks ahead. He stressed however that this will not be enough. The lawyer said that it is therefore not sensible for the government to reject the entity’s requests for more funds.

Ramson said that the government can provide the EPA with the revenue it needs and taper it off as it becomes self-sufficient.

Speaking briefly with the Guyana Standard today on this matter was EPA Head, Dr. Vincent Adams. He said that the agency is currently re-evaluating its fee structure and it will be rolled out soon. He admitted however that this will not be enough. Dr. Adams said that government’s help will be key to its preparation for oil.


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