Negotiations for a salary increase for public school teachers have commenced between the Ministry of Education and the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU).

The process commenced quietly on Wednesday and Guyana Standard was informed that a decision was made to change the venue from the usual 26 Ministry of Education Brickdam boardroom to a location in Waterloo Street instead.
The two sides, this new outlet was told, are slated to meet again on April 15 but officials have been tightlipped about the outcome of the initial meeting. However, in a belated joint statement, it was noted that “The Ministry of Education and the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) have commenced the negotiation process for the Union’s proposal on Terms and Conditions for Teachers for the period 2019 to 2023 on March 13, 2019.”

This initial meeting was chaired by Ms Adele Clarke, Permanent Secretary (ag), of the Ministry of Education and it is considered an introductory meeting where discussions were held on how the process will move forward.
Both parties, it was noted, were required to submit additional information within specified time lines which will aid the negotiation process. The process is being negotiated by a high level committee which was appointed for just this purpose.

Those representing the Ministry/government side are: Ms Adele Clarke, Permanent Secretary (ag), MOE; Mr Marcel Hutson, Chief Education Officer, MOE; Ms Jacqueline Simon, Human Resource Manager, MOE; Mr Jason Fraser, Ministerial Planner, Ministry of the Presidency; Ms Gail Williams, Senior Personnel Officer, Department of the Public Service; Ms Sonya Roopnauth, Director of Budget, Ministry of Finance; and Mr Jaigobin Jaisingh, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communities.

The GTU team is represented by: Mr Mark Lyte, President, Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU); Ms Coretta Mc Donald, General Secretary, A.A., GTU; Ms Sumanta Alleyne, Treasurer, GTU; Ms Lesmeine Collins, First Vice President, GTU; Mr Julian Cambridge, Second Vice President, GTU; Ms Donnette D’Andrade, Regional Vice President, Berbice, GTU; Ms Carmel Williams, Regional Vice President, Essequibo, GTU; Mr Collis Nicholson, Regional Vice President, Demerara, GTU; and Mr Lancelot Baptiste, Field/Administrative Secretary, A.A., GTU.


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