The Ministry of Public Health is currently piloting a tactical Public-Private Partnership (PPP) which will see it partnering with private physicians to join the fight against HIV. This partnership will allow patients reluctant to seek treatment at public facilities to access quality treatment, according to national treatment guidelines at authorised private facilities.

These patients, according to information released by the Ministry will pay the normal consultation and laboratory fees but will access treatment free of charge.

This initiative is aimed at increasing access to HIV services to a population group that may be in a better position financially but who would still be able to access anti retroviral therapy free of cost.

Such partnerships, according to information released by the Ministry, will also allay the real fears some patients have of discrimination or breach of confidentiality in the public system or even in some private hospitals.

The Ministry, moreover, is on a mission to sensitise the public of this strategic partnership and has expressed appreciation to those physicians who have agreed to be an integral part of this pilot project. In this way, the Ministry anticipates, that it will be able to make a significant impact and difference in the lives of those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.,

Word out of the Ministry is that it is seeking to combine its efforts with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and partners to achieve the shared global vision of Zero new HIV infections, Zero discrimination and Zero AIDS-related deaths – to end AIDS by 2030.

This World Health Organization’s ‘Treat All Policy’ has motivated government to embark on a high level Sustainability Plan to combat HIV, which has been endorsed by Cabinet.

Moreover, arising from the sustainability plans and the donor partnerships, there will be a pilot for social contracting where government will contract NGOs to implement HIV prevention programmes targeting vulnerable and mobile populations.


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