As an attorney at law, Sanjeev Datadin deems the government’s decision to honour the constitutional provision that parliamentarians cannot be dual citizens as “commendable”. However, noting that there was another way to honor the constitutional provision — by renouncing the foreign citizenship — Datadin said that he found it very disturbing that the politicians took the route of resigning from serving their country as ministers rather than renouncing their citizenship to “another man’s land”.

The lawyer said that the decision demonstrates what the politicians value as important.

Datadin said, “I find it quite disturbing that these are the people who held ministerial offices and leadership positions in our country. How is it that they find it more reasonable to give up representing the people of Guyana than to give up citizenship elsewhere?”

Datadin said that the fact that the politicians chose to have one foot out of Guyana demonstrates just how much faith they have in Guyana becoming a better place to live in the short term.

He said too that it means that while the politicians were speaking about providing “a good life to all,” they really do not think that the steps they have made so far are nearly sufficient.


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