Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo appears worried that the recent or imminent resignation of four ministers of government who are dual citizens will end up being an additional cost to the people of Guyana.

Jagdeo highlighted the fact that in one of the “many statements government released over the past two days” it was keen to note that the ministers’ resignation, done in honour of the constitution and court orders, do not preclude them from being hired to serve in other portfolios.

Jagdeo said that he sees that as the government sending a message that it will retain those who resign but just in other positions.

The Opposition Leader told the press that this means the ministers will still be paid hefty sums and will keep their benefits. Jagdeo said that that will be an additional strain on the public purse as others will have to fill the vacant ministerial posts and they too will have to be paid.

Also, Jagdeo said that the new four may be “just as incompetent” and “may even be fossils.”

The former President also called out the government on the fact that it cannot seem to be able to “get its story straight” when it comes to the “so called resignations.”

Jagdeo said that yesterday the government issued a statement saying that the President had accepted the resignations of the four ministers and that they will not be returning to parliament when it reconvenes on April 11.

He said that another statement was later issued thanking the ministers and noting that their functions will be taken up by others who acted in the respective positions before.

But then the government said earlier today that the ministers will remain in office until the necessary processes are followed. The government said too that these ministers will also be attending the April 11 sitting.

Jagdeo said that the shifting goalpost is yet another indication of the incompetent nature of the APNU+AFC government.


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