Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo continues his efforts to expose just how “corrupt this cabal in our government is”, this time revealing that the husband of Junior Minister of Communities, with responsibility for housing, Valerie Adams-Yearwood, has been awarded contracts to build homes for a Government housing project.

At his weekly press conference held yesterday (April 3), Jagdeo told the media that he learned about this after a disgruntled and “frustrated” worker of Godfrey Yearwood, the minister’s husband, visited his office some time recently.

According to Jagdeo, the unidentified worker explained to him that after Adams-Yearwood’s husband was handed the contract to build houses in Victoria, he sub-contracted the work to another contractor in the village. However, the minister’s husband reportedly refused to pay up even after the work was completed.

Jagdeo accused, “Yearwood [the husband] sub-contracted these guys from the villages to do the work and then refused to pay them for the work done.”

The man reportedly told Jagdeo that he tried to get the President to intervene in the matter but he had failed to get any attention even after at least four letters were written.

At the press conference, Jagdeo held letters purported to be copies of the acknowledgments the worker received from Ministry of the Presidency. Jagdeo said the man received four different letters from the ministry but was never afforded an opportunity to meet with President David Granger.

Jagdeo told the media, “Over a year of trying, he sought help from the President and no help has been given. He cannot pay his workers from the village of Victoria; they’re harassing him, because the Minister’s husband refusing to pay for contracts, he got from the Ministry his wife runs.”


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