Police ranks in Linden are calling on the Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, to intervene in a situation in that division where they say an innocent cop is being framed by his superiors—all because he was doing his job.

The Police Corporal is now under close arrest and he is being investigated by those very officers who might be trying to frame him as it relates to the discovery of an illegal gun at the home of known character in the community.

To get a fair outcome, the ranks are asking for the probe to be conducted by officers from either the Criminal Investigation Department at Eve Leary, or those from the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).

Divisional Commander, Linden Lord has confirmed that an investigation is underway.

How it all started

On Tuesday last, two police constables were passing a house in Amelia’s Ward, Linden in Region 10 when they saw two men acting in a suspicious manner. It seemed like one was handing another something illegal because of their behaviour.

What made the ranks even more suspicious was the fact that the property belonged to Ryan Samuels, a known character in the area. Samuels was charged for receiving stolen items, robbery-related offences, narcotics and breaking and entering.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that one of the constables stayed behind to keep an eye on the men while the second rank went to the Amelia’s Ward Police Outpost to get permission from his superiors to carry out the raid and to get “backup.”

According to information received, at the station, the rank met with the Police Corporal (who is now in hot water) and related what he had witnessed. There, the Corporal called the officer in charge of the division and asked for permission to conduct a search.

Reports are that the corporal, a detective and the constable, went back to the scene where the detective and the constable went into the house. The corporal and other ranks surrounded the property.

A police source in the Division confirmed that the detective and the Police Constable found a gun under a mattress in one of the bedrooms. The two men at the house were arrested and taken to the police outpost.

Twist in the story

At the station, the ranks reported that the gun was found under a mattress in a bedroom. Some ranks then left the station to locate the owner of the house. When the owner was brought to the station, this news agency has been informed that the police officers changed their story.

They then reported that the gun was found in a concrete block in the yard and the corporal asked them to lie and say it was found in the house.

“I have worked with this policeman for some time and he don’t deh in them things that. But this man (owner of the house) is a known criminal and I won’t be surprised if it’s some bad business going on,” one rank from Linden said.

Another rank added, “I don’t know the corporal for long but he has nothing to benefit by framing this man. But it got senior police officers who are intimidating them young ranks.”

Some policemen, who were at the scene, are prepared to give their statements as to what happened on that day.


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