Clinton Doris, 37, a former police rank also known as ‘Masquerade Man’, was today handed a jail sentence of 26 years for raping a seven-year-old girl he lured to his home with a ‘sweetie.’

The offence occurred on March 27, 2014. Based on information, on the day in question, the young child was strolling home when Doris lured her to his home where he said he had a “sweetie” to gave her.

It was there he raped the child, after which he sent her home. The incident came to light after the child cried out to her parents about feeling pains. During a probation report, it was revealed that Doris denied sexual misconduct with the child.

Court Support Officer, Celeste Mullin, said that the victim told her that she no longer goes to strangers and even men who are known to her family. The young girl told the probation officer that she wants Doris to go to jail since by just looking at him makes her scared.

Doris’ lawyer, Ravindra Mohabir, asked for the minimal sentence. However, High Court Judge Jo-Ann Barlow noted that the aggravating factors outweighed the mitigating ones.

Before the convicted rapist was escorted to serve his jail sentence, Justice Barlow advised Doris to participate in programmes crafted for sexual offenders that are available in prison.

The case for the State was presented by Prosecutors Lisa Cave, Seeta Bishundial and Sarah Martin.


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