The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) facilitated the drilling of a new well to improve water supply in the community of Karasabai, Region Nine, fresh off a resistivity logging exercise.

Senior GWI officials, including Managing Director, Dr. Richard Van West-Charles, visited the community on Friday, April 5, to assess the progress of works to date. There, they met with Karasabai Toshao, Mr. Shawn Kartright, Deputy Toshao – Mr. Andrew Albert, District Development Officer – Mr. Marlon Adams, and Headmistress (ag) of Karasabai Primary/Secondary School – Ms. Michelle George.

The community relied on a water supply system that was constructed through the Basic Needs Trust Fund and an existing system. However, this proved unreliable as the system that was constructed through BNTF was flawed in its design and could not satisfy the needs of the community.

This observation was made by GWI in many other Region 9 villages following assessments of their water supply systems.

In this regard, Mr. Ramchand Jailal, Executive Director of Hinterland Services, reinforced the call for all funding and execution agencies to ensure they consult with GWI prior to the commencement of projects that seek to provide potable water services to citizens.

The newly drilled well in Karasabai will be connected to the storage tanks on the existing trestle. Dr. Van West-Charles noted too that the pipelines on the trestle will be changed and the larger tanks will be placed on the structure.
GWI will also install another larger pump to ensure water is adequately supplied to the community.

Additionally, developmental works were carried out on two wells near the airstrip in the village.

The wells can provide approximately 100 cubic meters of water per day to serve the community, which includes Primary, Secondary and Nursery schools, the Health Center, and households.

Visits to the schools also revealed that there are plumbing issues at the sanitary blocks, no sinks and a lack of water access at these facilities. GWI will work with the Regional Democratic Council and Ministry of Education to correct these issues.

The team also visited the Kezee Eco Lodge in Karasabai, where access to water is sometimes a challenge. However, with the Weyee Creek nearby, GWI will be looking at treating the water and using it as a source of water supply for the Lodge. Weyee means ‘never runs dry’.

Meanwhile, over in Sand Creek, approximately 1,020 residents are benefiting from a new well and other infrastructure.

GWI officials revisited Sand Creek, Region 9 on April 4 to assess the progress of works, which are ongoing to improve potable water access to the community.

The newly drilled well in the area, has significantly improved access to the Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools, dormitory, the Health Center and households, which amount to approximately 1020 persons.

A photovoltaic system, equipped with 18 solar panels, was installed and to power the new water supply system. Water will now be supplied from this system to fill the community’s tanks.


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