Guyanese makeup artist, Lolita Callender-Skelton popularly known as “Lola Doll” was today charged in the British Virgin Islands ( BVI) with conspiracy to personate. She reportedly hired a man to obtain an HIV test in her name after arriving in that country last week.

She was not required to plead when she appeared before Senior Magistrate, Tamia Richards.

Bail was granted in the sum of US$60,000. The court ordered that US$20,000 of that amount be paid in cash and US$40,000 by way of two signed sureties.

The court heard that the accused arrived in the territory on April 20, last and was granted permission to remain for 30 days. Upon her arrival, she met and reportedly had a conversation with a man named ‘Eric’. It is alleged that he agreed to assist her in getting an HIV test.

On April 24, the accused and Eric reportedly visited a local laboratory and Eric identified himself as Lolita.

It is alleged that while there, the lab technician on duty asked the young man, “Are you sure that’s your name? Your mother named you Lolita?” Eric answered in the affirmative but the lab technician requested identification. Lola Doll then inquired where else on the island the test could be done and subsequently made her way to the other medical facility that was less intrusive.

It is further alleged that later that day, Eric who was not required to provide any form of identification took an HIV screening test as ‘Lolita Callendar’. When the test was done, the accused along with Eric returned to the lab for the results, the court heard.

Prosecutors claimed the receptionist on duty proceeded to stamp the results of the test when the accused Guyanese woman interrupted her and asked to see the document before it was stamped.

The court heard that after reviewing it, the accused asked that the gender be changed from male to female. The receptionist then asked if the results were hers and she responded in the affirmative.

The court further heard that receptionist then took the results to be signed by the technician. The two then took the results and left the facility. The court was also told that the accused then posted the results on social media site, Facebook.

The matter was subsequently reported to the police who launched an investigation.

Callendar-Skelton was later met at the Road Town ferry dock where she was arrested, interviewed, and charged.


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