Hinterland Aviation Inc. Guyana continues to struggle to get a small plot of land at the Eugene F. Correia International Airport and its chief pilot, Captain Emil Jahan, believes that Ogle Airport Inc. (OAI) is trying to kill small domestic operations at the airport.

The airport is ran by Ogle Airport Inc. (OAI) and OAI’s Board is chaired by Michael Correia.

Reports are that while OAI leased several plots of land to companies owned by the Correias, small operators like Jahan are facing an uphill task in their efforts to secure spots to erect hangers.

Guyana Standard understands that Jahan has been trying for years but his efforts were futile.

Earlier this month, he wrote a letter to OAI, again trying to persuade the company to just grant his request for the plot of land which he said is critical to the development and even sustenance of his business.

In his letter seen by Guyana Standard, Jahan, who owns two aircraft, made it clear that he is becoming frustrated and said that he is beginning to feel as if OAI is trying to kill small domestic operations at that airport.

His letter was in response to a “generic letter dated 5th April, 2019 regarding the expression of interest for airside property, from OAI.”

Jahan reminded OAI that Hinterland Aviation has a pending application for lease of airside land with the Land Use Subcommittee.

Jahan reiterated that the main purpose of leasing the land at the airport, “as expressed in all our correspondence and meetings (including minuted meetings) with OAI thus far, is simply to build a suitable hangar facility on a parcel of land 200ftx349ft that will provide for the operations, maintenance and parking of our aircraft independently of other operators.”

The Hinterland Aviation boss said that the company’s future is highly dependent on its access to facilities much in the same way as any other airline company and denying it access ensures complete failure.

“I invite you to come outside of your comfy offices to see how our employees punish in the elements to make a living,” said Jahan.

He then asked OAI, “What message do you send to the young men and women coming out of the Aeronautical Engineering or a Flight School with dreams of starting their own aviation business?”

The pilot said that OAI is operating as if land at the airport belong exclusively to legacy corporations and just a few other wealthy companies.

He reminded that Ogle is where Guyana’s aviation sector is rooted and “therefore it is necessary for us to be able to have access to the opportunity to develop the many facets of aviation…Besides, the Chairman of the land select committee, being a champion for justice and constitutional reform in Guyana, must uphold these same values as he does in the political sphere, when dealing with this case because we will surely put those tenants to the test.”



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