The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is saying that it wants to make sure that the vision to be expressed in its manifesto — along with the vision’s related plans — are feasible and achievable.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo told Guyana Standard that the PPP/C is working hard to make this a reality and, as a result, the party has been meeting with experts for guidance.

Specifically, the General Secretary said that the party recently met with some recognised foreign practitioners in the oil industry who are also in the field of academia.

He said that the meeting was arranged by Charles Ramson, one of its former parliamentarians and a leader in the party, who has a Master’s in Oil and Gas Management.

Jagdeo said that during the meeting, he and Ramson defined the issues and sought ideas on the way forward.

He said, “We believe in listening to people, especially to experts in particular areas.”

Jagdeo said that discussions were centered on topics like “local content and the different ways it has been addressed in jurisdictions where the strategies have worked. We are trying to see what can bring the greatest benefits to Guyanese.”

Jagdeo continued, “Similarly, how do you address issues like bidding for future contracts and auctioning of future blocks because we want to move to a transparent system; no one should go to the minister to get this. We spoke about the regulatory issues at arm’s length from the politicians. Even the Sovereign Wealth Fund and its management must be at arm’s length.”

Jagdeo said, “So, I defined the current state of affairs and then indicated to them what our thinking was and we would welcome thoughts on these matters. It is part of our listening, talking to people; there is no contract or anything that we have signed with them or any commitment made with them.”


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