The son of a senior official in the judicial system has been identified as the teenager who shot School of the Nation’s Director, Dr. Brian O’Toole on January 27, last.

An audio recording of the suspect laughing and gloating about the incident has prompted the Guyana Police Force to seek the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to locate the teen who is said to be hiding out in Florida.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that a student at the private school handed over the audio to Dr. O’Toole.

At a press conference yesterday with the Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, Dr. O’Toole said that the teen had posted pictures of himself on social media posing with a gun and threatening to blow up the school. Dr. O’Toole was wounded later that day.

This news agency has been informed that the suspect was flown out of the country the day after the school’s principal was wounded.

It is suspected that the shooting is linked to a popular video game called Fortnite. Dr. O’Toole had said that the person who shot him was behaving very strange and did a dance after discharging a round at him. That same dance is in the video game.

O’Toole was shot twice to the arm on the night of January 27, last, at his Bel Air Promenade, Georgetown home.


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