A combination of the APNU+AFC’s folly and gross incompetence is making it easier for the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) to win the next General and Regional Elections, says Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo.

At a press conference held today at his Church Street Office, Jagdeo labeled the coalition as a “visionless cabal” that does not include young people in its plans. He stressed that the APNU+AFC’s outlook is still partisan and it continues to shoot itself in the foot with the absence of plans to strengthen the traditional sectors.

The PPP General Secretary said, “I think people have seen the true nature of this government; we pointed it out on the campaign trail. They went into office with vague promises…in the sense that they said they will raise billions from stopping corruption…Then they proceeded to exclude all the young people from government…They became totally corrupt.”

Jagdeo continued, “In fact, in four years they have done more harm to institutions that fight corruption and [disrespected] the Procurement Act with their noncompliance. They undermined the Integrity Commission by failing to submit statements to the Commission and then they were interfering with agencies in the award of contracts.”

The former President added, “All of this allows people to make a comparison… There is no direction from this government and the citizens are seeing the lies they have been telling about us; they are being exposed.”

In light of the aforementioned, Jagdeo said Guyanese are convinced that the PPP is a party that is committed to improving a lot of all, unlike the APNU+AFC administration.



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