The failure to conduct due diligence is the only thing the Energy Department could be accused of when it comes to the controversial award of a contract to VideoMega Productions, a company owned by Public Telecommunications Minister, Cathy Hughes.

So said Head of the Energy Department, Dr. Mark Bynoe.

This is Dr. Bynoe’s position despite the fact that the opposition continues to peddle that the Energy Department engaged in nepotism.

Dr. Bynoe said that all procurement procedures were followed by the Ministerial Tender Board.

Dr. Bynoe said that bids were invited and Hughes’ company was one that submitted a bid.

The official insisted that the process was transparent.

He said, “The only thing the Energy Department can be accused of when it comes to the  VideoMega Productions scandal is not doing sufficient due diligence. But from where I sit as Director, I welcome any investigation to clear the air on whether it was a case of favouritism or if there were any nefarious activities. We have nothing to hide. Yes we are new. We are not perfect and we will make mistakes.”

Dr. Bynoe added, “But what we have learned is that we need to do greater due diligence.”

In a statement to the press, the Ministry of the Presidency debunked claims that the Energy Department was engaged in any “incestuous relationship.” Even Minister Hughes categorically denied the claims that the contract was somehow granted out of favouritism. Hughes said, too, that she was not aware of the contract when it was granted as she is no longer part of the day to day running of the company.


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