Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, today called out Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan, for apparently blaming prostitutes for his failure to formulate — and ensure the implementation of — policies needed for a safe and secure Guyana.

Recently, Minister Ramjattan told Guyana Standard that he is not supportive of the existence of strip clubs in Guyana. The Minister noted that the strip clubs are becoming very prevalent and made reference to the fact that those club also serve as “whorehouses”.

Ramjattan said that he is well aware that there are many who will advocate for the strip clubs but said he views it as “immoral and unhealthy”. Ramjattan further said that “whorehouses” create security and administrative hazards, especially since many of the female workers are illegally in Guyana. The Minister vowed to “cut the profits out of the trade”.

Jagdeo, who essentially referred to Ramjattan as a simpleton, knocked the position taken by the minister and said that it is just an excuse.

At a press conference he held earlier today, Jagdeo said that crime is raging in Guyana. He said it is not just the major crimes but petty crimes are also escalating all across the country.

Jagdeo then told the media that Ramjattan, in not having any other excuse, has decided “to blame the prostitutes now”.

“He is blaming the whorehouses in Guyana. He is refusing to address major issues,” Jagdeo said.

Guyana Standard then asked Jagdeo if he is supportive of strip clubs.

In response, he said, “I believe governments should do a number of things. One, government must respect people’s privacy. [Government] must work every single day to enhance people’s rights, especially [the] freedom to choose. What goes on in people’s bedroom is no business of the government. I believe government should create job opportunities for its people; a good quality education; keep citizens safe in their homes; and ensure good health care.”

Jagdeo said that he does not think it is up to the government to decide what is best for all citizens especially as it relates to choices that should be theirs to make.

In this regard, the former president pointed to Ramjattan’s implementation of the 2:00am curfew.

He said, “If we want to continue partying beyond 2:00am now you have to go home or go to one of these whorehouses because those are the only places operating at 2:00am from what I gather.”

Jagdeo said that people should be allowed to party all night if they so desire.

He then added, “Once you do not break the law. So anything that is unlawful I cannot be opposed to him doing that, but the 2:00 am curfew is something we relaxed for ages.”

Reminded that prostitution is unlawful, Jagdeo said, “That is why I cannot formally come out here and say that the minister must condone unlawfulness but I told you what should be the priorities of government.”

According to Jagdeo, “When people start doing those little things, you realise they are losing it, they cannot focus on the main issues of their portfolio.”


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