Three Commissioners of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) along with key Finance Ministry officials have failed to declare their assets to the Integrity Commission, a body that is constitutionally mandated to scrutinize public officers to ensure they do not use their offices for financial gain.

The Commissioners are Vincent Alexander and Charles Corbin who represent the Government and Robeson Benn who represents PPP. Keith Lowenfield, Chief Elections Officer and Commissioner of National Registration was also named among the defaulters.

As for the Ministry of Finance, the officials still to declare their assets include: Chairman of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) Berkley Wickham; Bernard Lord, Head of Department; Donna Levi, Head of the Bilateral Division; Miguel Choo-Kang, Head, of the Regional Planning Division and Denise Desouza, Head of the Multilateral Financial Institution.

The names of these and other officials were listed in the Official Gazette dated May 11. Guyana Standard confirmed that the list remains valid up to the time of publication.

It was last year February that the coalition administration moved to revive the operations of the Integrity Commission with the appointment of Attorneys-at-Law Kumar Doraisami, Thandi McAllister and Rosemary Benjamin-Noble. Pandit Rabindranauth Persaud is also part of the Commission.

Chairman Kumar Doraisami noted his satisfaction with the improvement in the filings from last year to now while reminding that a total of 1000 forms were sent out. He briefly stated too that capacity is being built to properly scrutinize forms.

Names of the other public officers listed in the May 11 Official Gazette

Castellani House

  1. Mr. Ohene Koama-Curator (ag) National Art Gallery
  2. Ms. Guneshwari Methuram —Administrator

Civil Defence Commission

  1. Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig – Director General (ag)

Ethnic Relation Commission

  1. Mr. Remington Eastman – Head, Media & Campaign Monitoring Unit

Guyana Energy Agency

  1. Mr. William Holder- Head, Fuel Marking Division

 Guyana Prison Service

  1. Mr. Gladwin Samuels, DSM- Director of Prisons (ag)

Guyana Rice Development Board

  1. Mr. Claude E. Housty – Chairman

Guyana School of Agriculture

  1. Mr. Brian Greenidge-Chairman
  2. Mr. Dexter Allen – Director of Administration
  3. Mr. Oscar Glasgow- Director of Academic Affairs

Guyana Sugar Corporation

  1. Mr. Yusuf Abdul-General Manager, Factory Operations
  2. Mr. Yudi Persaud-Estate Manager, Agriculture Services
  3. Mr. Curbette Victorine-Estate Manager-East Demerara Estate
  4. Mrs. Stacy London Petters-Chief Human Resource Manager
  5. Mr. Vemen Walter-Human Resource Manager
  6. Mr. Shurwyn Stewart-Human Resource Manager
  7. Mr. Dexter Williams-Compensation/Business Development Manager
  8. Ms. Natasha Sears-Human Resource Manager
  9. Ms. Kim De Freitas-Manager-Programme Support Human Resources and Communication
  10. Mrs. Rama Persaud-Finance Manager
  11. Ms. Marcia Peterkin-Finance Manager
  12. Mr. Bisham Chetram-Finance Manager
  13. Ms. Bonita Bristol-Finance Manager
  14. Mr. Phillip Rampersaud-Finance Manager
  15. Mr. Gavin Ramnarain-Head-Agriculture Research
  16. Mrs. Maxine Cummings-Breeding and Selection Manager
  17. Mr. Hector Isadore-Head-Information Systems
  18. Mr. Dindyal Williams-Manager-Security Services
  19. Mr. Vijay Gobardhan – Factory Operations Manager
  20. Mr. Akbar Ally-Factory Manager
  21. Mr. Hutton Griffith-Agriculture Manager
  22. Mr. Pawan Persaud-Agriculture Manager
  23. Mr. Naresh Narine-Agriculture Manager
  24. Mr. Lance Niles-Factory Manager

Former Declarants who left during declaration period but required to file a Declaration

  1. Mrs. Tara Persaud-Former Corporate Planner
  2. Mr. Karamchand Bramdeo-Former Estate Manager-Skeldon Estate
  3. Mr. Devindra Kumar-Former Estate Manager-Whales Estate
  4. Mr. Earl John- Former Human Resources Director
  5. Mr. Raymond Ferreira- Former Shipping and Logistics Manager
  6. Mr. Dexter Cox- Former Marketing Development Manager (ag)
  7. Mr. Nathaniel Phoenix- Former Agriculture Manager-Skeldon Estate
  8. Mr. Mohamed Zid-Former Agriculture Manager-Rose Hall Estate
  9. Mr. Clarence Burnett-Former Agriculture Manager-East Demerara Estate
  10. Mr. Doodnauth Dhanram-Former Agriculture Manager (ag) – Wales Estate
  11. Mr. John Loncke-Former Factory Manager-Skeldon Estate
  12. Mr. Nekram Persaud- Former Factory Manager – Albion Estate
  13. Mr. Terry Simon- Former Factory Manager Rose Hall Estate
  14. Mr. Nandkumar Parmanand- Former Factory Manager – East Demerara Estate

Guyana Tourism Authority

  1. Mr. Donald Sinclair- Head of the Tourism Department/Chairman of GTA

Guyana Water Incorporated

  1. Mr. Nigel Hinds- Chairman, Board of Directors
  2. Dr. Richard Van West Charles-Managing Director
  3. Mr. Dwayne Shako- Executive Director, Operations
  4. Mr. Aubrey Roberts- Executive Director, Design of Infrastructure
  5. Mr. Elvis Jordon- Executive Director, Human Resources Management & Development
  6. Mr. Lensworth Blair-Head, Technical Services
  7. Mr. Sunildatt Barran- Head, Field Services
  8. Mr. Deon Anderson- Head, Water Quality
  9. Mr. Lance Mars- Head, Strategic Planning Evaluating & Monitoring

Hinterland Electrification Co. Inc.

  1. Mr. Horace Williams-Chief Executive Officer

Human Rights Commission

  1. Ms. Colleen Brandford- Administrator

Institute of Applies Science and Technology

  1. Mr. Deonarine Jagdeo-Deputy Director
  2. Mr. Sewpersaud Manohar-Head of Department, Food and Feed
  3. Mr. Mahendra Rampersaud-Head of Department, Bioprospecting
  4. Mr. Rishi Persaud- Head of Department, Biofuels
  5. Mr. Randey Fordyce-Head of Department, Analytical
  6. Ms. Nonieka Daniels- Head of Department, Accounting


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