Former Crime Chief and Senior Superintendent, Wendell Blanhum is without question, one of the most educated and highly trained officers in the Guyana Police Force. His training, both locally and overseas, include crime prevention policing, investigation of organized crimes for the Americas, policing and management, intelligence-led policing and law enforcement leadership, to name a few.

Blanhum also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Management, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Law Degree.

Taking his calibre into consideration, it remains mindboggling to Opposition Member and Attorney-at-Law, Anil Nandlall that the Government would choose to move Blanhum away from crime fighting in the ‘A’ Division to a desk in Mabaruma, Region  One.

In his most recent column, the Unruly Horse, Nandlall said, “I am reliably informed that recently, Mr. Blanhum has been transferred to Mabaruma. I am further informed that this is the first time that an officer of such rank has ever been assigned to such a remote location. It is not that I am implying that remote locations of our country do not require officers of the stature of Mr. Blanhum. But it was never done before.”

The Opposition Member asserted that one can hardly compare the incidence of crime on the coastland with that of Region One. Nandlall said that the quintessential question however remains; “on what basis can one justify assigning one of the most qualified and able investigators in the Force away from the heart of the country’s crime zone, the coastland, particularly when violent crimes are peaking?”

Nandlall said that the move remains an even more puzzling one when Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan is on record praising Blanhum’s crime fighting ability.

Nandlall said it is actions like these which leave GPF suffering from lack of confidence.


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